What Are The Best 5 Roulette Systems Online?

There are plenty of roulette systems out there. Some offer untold riches (which are the ones that are best avoided – if I discovered a roulette system that works that well, I wouldn't tell a soul!), whilst others offer the chance to work the casino odds more in your favour.

Presented here are five of the best roulette systems that you will find online. All the systems work seamlessly on desktop, mac and mobile – for more information about playing roulette on the go, visit mobile roulette lesson online. If you're going to use a system, one software tool that will help you is called [Roulette Sniper]. It helps you track your betting, works out the odds of certain combinations coming up and even suggests ways to improve your play. It's certainly a great tool to have at your disposal.


This is one of the most popular roulette systems out there because it's so easy to use. You start the system with your base bet, say $1, and you bet on an 'evens' bet such as red or black, or odd or even. If you win, you make a further evens bet at your base bet. If you lose, you double your last bet and bet on the same outcome. You keep going until you win, then you go back down to your base bet. The Martingale works as long as you avoid those bankroll-sapping losing streaks.

Grand Martingale

This system is similar to the Martingale, except that it wins more if you hit a lucky streak, and you lose more if you lose a number of bets in a row. The basic principle is the same as the Martingale, except that instead of just doubling a losing bet, you double it and add the amount of the base bet as well. So after one loss with a $1 base bet it's $1 x 2 + $1 = $3, then $3 x 2 + $1 = $7, and so on.


This is a little more complex, and requires you to keep a real close eye on what you are betting. You being with a sequence, typically 1-2-3-4-5. You first bet is the value of the first and last numbers in the sequence, in this case, 1 + 5 = $6. If you win, you cross off the first and last numbers in the sequence, so in this example you would be left with 2-3-4. You next bet is therefore 2 + 4 = $6. If you, lose, you add the amount of the best to the sequence, so in our example you would have 1-2-3-4-5-6, so your next bet would be 1 + 6 = $7. You keep going until all numbers in the sequence have been crossed off, at which point you begin again with 1-2-3-4-5.


This is one of the most favoured up-as-you-win roulette system games. It hopes to take advantage of winning streaks, whilst protecting the gambler from losing streaks. You set your base bet, say $1, and keep betting as this level as you lose. However, once you win you double your bet and add one unit, in this case 1 x 2 + 1 = $3. If you win again you follow the same pattern, 3 x 2 + 3 = $6. Then one more win at 6 x 2 + 6 = $18. If you win three times in a row you ease back down to your base bet.


This system is specifically designed for roulette. It's designed to cover specific numbers that are spaced evenly around the wheel, so you theoretically have a good chance of winning. The numbers are divided into seven groups of six, and each group has four single numbers associated with it – for example the group 1 through 6 has the numbers 20, 26, 8 and 10. The idea is that you lay one bet on the 6 number combination, and then a single number bet on the four numbers. The idea is that you have a good part of the wheel covered for only five unit bets.

These are just five of the many roulette betting systems you can take out for a spin. Make sure you keep track of your betting though, and the recommended Roulette Sniper software will be a real help!