What is a Roulette System, Exactly ?

How much do you know about Roulette? Did you know, for example, that Roulette is named after the French word for a small wheel? Or that the game is over two hundred years old? Or that all the numbers on the roulette wheel add up to 666 – the mythical 'number of the beast' ?

For as long as Roulette has been played, people have been trying to devise roulette systems that work in order to beat the house and become successful roulette players. Some Roulette Systems have been more successful than others, but most have failed. Roulette is game of chance in which the house always has a slight edge, but that hasn't stopped thousands of gamblers from trying to devise a strategy that does defeat the house – or at least swing the advantage back in their favour.

So what is a Roulette System, anyway?

A roulette system is a betting strategy that a gambler uses in order to try and win at the game. Most roulette betting systems are what are known as progressive systems, and only relate to so-called 'even money bets' such as red or black, odd or even, or high and low.

The most famous roulette system is known as the Martingale, named after one Henry Martingale, an 18th century casino owner. He did not invent the system – it had already been around since at least 1750 – but he was one of the first people to champion its use. The Martingale system is deliciously simple. You start by laying an evens bet – say $1 on red. If you win, you lay another evens bet at $1. If you lose, you lay the same bet but for double the stake – in this example, $2. You then keep repeating the process, doubling any losing bets each time. The idea is that when your bet finally wins, you will always be up $1. Therefore if you win one hundred bets in a session of play, you'll be $100 up.

Along with the Marringale, the best 5 roulette systems are probably the Fibonacci, the Parlay, the D'alembert and the Labouchere. All of them are designed to manipulate the odds in favour of the player.

Do Roulette Systems work?

Well, if they did, every casino in the world would soon be out of business. Roulette systems fall down because to work, they require an infinite bankroll, and if you had an infinite bankroll, then why would you play roulette?

So, why use a roulette system? The answer is, the best roulette systems give you the greatest chance of winning at roulette – it's certainly far better than just blindly betting on random numbers. Roulette is a game of chance, and if you find a roulette system you like, manage your bankroll appropriately, and you can avoid dreaded losing streaks, it's entirely feasible to win a decent amount of cash whilst playing roulette.

The key to using a roulette system is to stick to it – and there are plenty of software tools out there to help you do just that. Why not check out Roulette Sniper – an extremely versatile tool that's the best weapon in a dedicated roulette player's arsenal? It will also help you analyse the way you play and suggest ways of improving your performance.

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