Live Roulette Games at Magical Vegas

The ‘little wheel’ game was discovered accidentally between theories and math formulas. Over the years, the game of Roulette, has acquired fans all over the world. Popular among casino players, this game has also taken over online casino, and one of them is UK’s top online casino- Magical Vegas. Get ready to plunge into the green battlefield at this exciting online casino. Here you can play different variations of live roulette games:

Live Roulette La Partage

Created by NetEnt, Live Roulette La Partage can be started with a minimum chip bet of £1. This game consists of a roulette wheel and the wheel is packed with 37 pockets. You have to select a number from 0-37, as per your instinct- you have to bet on the number which you think will most probably come out. As per the La Partage rule, half or the value of non-winning 1-18/19-36 or Red/Black, are awarded back to you when the ball ends on number 0. Hosted by a live dealer, you can place inside bets, outside bets or racetrack bets on this game.

Live Roulette

You will find a live dealer on this creation of NetEnt. The unique game of Live Roulette lets you see the wheel spinning in live action, and you have different advantages such as: chat options, billboard updates, racetrack betting and preferred bet options. On this game, there are 37 pockets and the numbers ranges from 0 to 37. Inside bets include splits, three lines, corner, six lines and straight. On the other hand, Outside bets are even/odd, dozens, column or 1-18/19-36. You can even make neighbouring bets on this game which are the Jeu zero, Tiers, Voisins and Orphelins.

Live French Roulette

This version of roulette can be started with either 1, 5, 25, 100 or 1000 chips. On this game, you will always see the live dealer, which can help you with any queries. On Live French Roulette, you can place bets on single numbers, even or odd numbers, different numbers or red or black. Created by NetEnt, this roulette wheel comes with 37 pockets, which are numbers from 1 to 36. Featuring three main types of bets, there are rules when placing a neighbouring bet.

Live Auto Roulette

Developed by NetEnt, Live Auto Roulette at Magical Vegas comes with 37 slots and a roulette table. You have to predict on which slot the ball will stop at, and place your bet on that number. The numbers range from 0 to 36. Once your bet has been placed, the automated wheel will start spinning and if your prediction is correct, you will be awarded as per the play table. You can place different sorts of bets such as Dozen Bet, Column Bet, Split Bet or Street Bet on this game.

There are eleven live casino roulette games which you can enjoy at Magical Vegas. Hosted by different live dealers and at different hours, these games will make you feel like in a real casino. Plus, all the games are packed with awesome winnings, which could be yours!