Roulette is the New Cool

It may not be as cool as poker or slots, but I love roulette and I’m proud of it. Roulette is fun and I’ve gotten pretty lucky over the years. Once in a while, I’ll bet on a particular number (like if I dream about a digit the night before), though I usually bet on a colour (either red or black, depending on my mood). My favourite site for playing online roulette is William Hill Casino, since it has everything I’m looking for, including great promotions and a very helpful customer service staff. On the other hand, roulette is so simple, that I haven’t needed the assistance of the site’s help desk in eons. Roulette doesn’t tax my brain cells too much; it’s the kind of game you can play when you want to give your mind a rest.

Mobile Roulette Keeps Me Spinning

Although it’s convenient and easy to play roulette on my computer, I believe in keeping up with times, so I play the game on my smartphone, as well. When I’m on the tube or in a boring class, there’s nothing better than whipping out my phone and giving the wheel a whirl. This way, I’m never tied to my desk and I can play while I’m on the move or stuck in traffic (though never while I’m driving, obviously…I’m not stupid!).

My favourite form of roulette is online live-dealer roulette, which is as close to the real thing (real casino roulette) as you can get these days, without shelling out a bundle on airfare, hotels and food. I’m a big fan of Vegas (what’s not to like), but it’s so far away and so expensive, that I allow myself the pleasure very rarely. On the other hand, live-dealer roulette is right there, when I want it and how I like it. For a quickie, computerised roulette fits the bill; but when I’m home, I opt for the live-dealer version of the game. All I’m missing is the comped drinks, but the William Hill bonuses and promotions more than make up for that. You gotta love a site that thinks of everything.