So Who Are The Best Roulette Player Of All Times ?

Roulette is a game that does not have any glitz, glam or thrill but it attracts many players because of its unpredictable nature. All you need to do is guess a number of multiple numbers in the game and place your wager on it. The ball spins in the roulette wheel and falls into the pocket with numbers as the wheel stops. Many players find themselves transfixed as they watch the wheel spinning and bouncing from pocket to pocket in each round.

Even though the game looks easy only a handful of players win huge amount. These winners have only maintained the prestige of the game. Joseph Jagger is one of the most famous players in the game. He was the first player ever who studied and found the weakness of Monte Carlo’s roulette wheel and in the year 1973 he gained fame and became popular. After knowing all the minus points he took those as his advantage and thus was known as the man who broke the bank of Monte Carlo’s.

Joseph believed that all the wheels cannot be same. He worked with many other expert roulette players and determined how the number is generated and what would be the number that will come after spinning the ball. After viewing the game carefully for several days he realized that there are nine numbers that appear frequently and the reason behind this is the bias of the wheel. He used only these 9 numbers in order to win the game.

In the year 1891 Charles Wells, from London won jackpot and became popular. He started the game in a mere thousand pounds and within 11 hours cleaned the whole table. He again came back after a short break and succeeded to break the Monte Carlo’s bank. He was a great player because he did not use tricks to exploit the bias as the earlier player.

Gonzalo Garcia Pelayo was another player who started playing the game with believe like Joseph and won over 1 million. Ashley Revell had a high risk appetite. He sold all his asset, placed bet with the money and ultimately won the game. Derren Brown borrowed money from someone, used some calculation he learnt in physics and predicted a single digit to win huge money. He did not succeed and lost the game.

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