The Game Roulette Frequently Asked Questions

Roulette is a game of numbers and people enjoy the game in both online and land based casinos. Today, playing in the online casino has become more popular because it saves traveling time and also helps in maintaining privacy. You can also select and play in any of the casinos, depending on your taste, like casino with live dealer where you can interact and enjoy the same experience as in live casinos. In spite of being popular the players have many questions in their mind. Here are some of the frequently asked questions about the game of roulette.

1. Is online casino safe for the game?

A. There are many online casinos, but you must play the game only in licensed casinos. Make sure that the number generated by the wheel is generated through RNG (Random Number Generator) and the result is audited on regular basis. The auditor who checks the number generating system should be independent or from a governing body. You can also play in online a casino that holds reputation.

2. Is Roulette a game of luck?

A. Usually the game depends on the players luck. But, yes there are certain tips which will help you win the game. Any kind of cheating does not work in the game or cannot alter the odds and make them in your favor.

3. What is the best and worst bet in the game?

A. The best bet is the one which helps you make money in the game of roulette. Money or outside bets offer low payouts but provide better opportunity to win thus that are considered as best bets. If you have put your wager on a single number and looking for possibilities to win then this is the worst bet.

4. Do we have to download any kind of software to enjoy the game of roulette?

A. Some of the casinos do suggest downloading software but not all. You can play the game in casinos that offer instant service. However, once you are well versed with the game you will find that downloading software and playing the game is better than playing through a website.

5. Should I start by betting on one number or use multiple numbers at a time?

A. The number of bets depends on your risk appetite. If you bet on a single number you can win huge money but the risk is higher. Multiple number offer lower payouts but there are more chances of you winning the game. So, select numbers depending on your style of play and risk taking ability.