How Can I Apply A Roulette Systems That Works?

The leisurely game of Roulette is a huge hit with casino lovers. The time taken for the wheel to undergo a complete spin is relatively slow, allowing the players to analyze their previous bets and make amendments if possible. This popular game has actually thrown up numerous systems since time immemorial. The sheer number of systems is simply mindboggling to say the least. Not all work obviously. Yet most diehard players swear by their own systems, claiming that it is possible to win often and win big by employing their own pet system time and time again. you can try some of it online at, or any other trustworthy site.

Here are a few systems deemed to be popular with the masses. You are likely to make a headway by opting for one or even a few of them.

• Progressive System- You need to place your bet after checking the result of the previous bet placed by you. In other words, place more if you have won last time, simply reduce the amount otherwise.

• Zones- Placing multiple bets on all the numbers within a specific zone in the wheel is a great way of ensuring a win. Conversely, placing simultaneous bets on different numbers assigned to different sections of the wheel works too.

• Prediction Based On Flaws- Roulette experts believe that studying the roulette wheel as well as the dealer closely and detecting individual flaws might give you an edge over others. A mechanical defect may allow the ball to land in a particular section most of the time while a dealer may inadvertently get into a rhythm that lets the ball fall into a selected section more than once.

• Timing Of The Ball- This is a relatively new system and is based on mathematical calculations. It includes calculating the time that the ball takes for a revolution while taking its velocity and rotor into consideration. However, accurate calculation for predicting the outcome using this method is not easy and requires a computer which is illegal in a casino. So this remains more of a theory and is rarely used practically.