Texas holdem continues his reign as the most popular game

In the world of online casino games, where you can play various games anytime, as well as many other reputable sites, Texas holdem is still the king! There are various reasons for the increasing popularity of the game. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, this poker game lets you win vast amount of cash. The allure of becoming rich with just one poker game makes the people keep on playing. Since 2003, when an amateur won the game and got nearly 2.5 million, thousands have started crowning to win the tournaments. Another reason for increasing popularity of this game is its televised version. As the mainstream channels started telecasting big tournaments in Texas Holdem, more number of people became interested in the game. The present economic condition has also turned more number of people in playing Texas Holdem, with the dream of turning a small investment into a larger amount of cash.

If you want to play live poker, the most popular event in all the tournament series is the Texas Holdem. So, before learning other poker games like Stud games or Omaha poker, it is better to learn Texas Holdem. This game has the largest prize pools in both online and live tournaments. This poker game is in fact considered as the “Cadillac” amongst all. The simple rule of playing is also a reason to make the people keep on playing.

In online poker, you can start playing, and in a single table with two to nine players. Each of the player gets two cards (face down) from the deck to deal with. You do not have to share these cards with other players. However, before these cards are dealt, you need to put some cash or chips into the pot. This is done in the form of big blind and small blind. If you are playing big blind, then the amount of money required to be put into the pot is more. At the end of each hand, the blinds rotate to each player. After all the players put money in the pot, the dealer puts 3 cards facing up in the middle of the table. All the players use these three cards (community cards) for forming the best hand. Say, you have a King in your hand and take another King from these community cards, then you get a pair of Kings. After several rounds when there is no more fold from one player (when the rest have folded), the player without the fold wins.