Different Categories of Roulette Systems

There are a number of players who go by an established system as far as playing online live roulette is concerned. Though most of these systems do not increase the chances of winning, some of them do offer players greater control over the course of their game. There are a number of roulette systems you can apply when playing at Paddypower for instance, with varying combinations and scientific systems and are based on Gambler’s Fallacy, which says that a system can alter the laws of probability.

Roulette systems around the world can be mainly classified into three broad categories name bet size control systems, systems combining different bets and attack systems. Bet size control systems are primarily used for even money bets. These use the amounts which have been placed as bets and the amount required to generate profits from the same. This method uses progressions or rules that are used to decrease or to increase bets. There are systems that use geometric progression, arithmetic progress and other progressions. While Martingale system and the Fibonacci system comply with geometric progression, Oscar Grind and D’Alembert system follow the rules of the arithmetic progression system. Labouchere does not fall under either of the categories and is grouped under other progressions.

Then there are systems that combine different bets and are centered on the winnings and include as many numbers on the table. Some of these include the double dozen system, the law of the third, the Austrian system and the column one and three roulette system.

The third kind of roulette systems are known as attack systems. These utilize any mechanical imperfections that might be on the roulette table. After observing quite a few spins on a table, it is determined whether the wheel is biased toward one or a few numbers. The bets are then placed on those specific numbers to increase the chances of a win.